Our Story

Author: Crystal R
Hello there! Are you looking for Allergy-Free recipes? Recipes that are free of dairy, eggs, peanuts, nuts, shellfish & fish? Then you have come to the right place. I am here to share recipes that I have either created or adapted to suit my FA sons dietary requirements.

I've always had a passion for cooking. Serving up dishes created with love for my friends & loved ones. Growing up my mother taught me everything I know in the kitchen. I have her to thank, so shout out to you Momma! ;)

When my son was an infant I remember having images of us baking cakes, goodies, and going out to delicious restaurants. On summer days walking down the street with ice cream cones, and on snow days curled up on the couch drinking hot cocoa laughing at each others whipped cream mustaches. In 2009 I felt like all of those dreams suddenly came to a halt, our food allergy journey had begun with the introduction of 4oz of cows milk in a sippy cup. I felt devastated to learn in such a scary and shocking way, that my son had severe food allergies. After the incident our doctor recommended getting him tested for allergies. So we did, and getting that follow up call from the doctor... You know, the call you never even fathom of receiving? That one. We learned our son was not only allergic to dairy, but in addition the test results showed eggs, nuts, peanuts, fish & shellfish as well. What?! Food allergies? Food allergies don't run in either of our families, how could this be possible? I felt, lost, alone and worried for my son. Going to the pharmacist to pick up his first Epi-Pen was a very surreal experience to say the least.

After the initial shock, tears set in, and I worried. Worried about his health, worried about his life, worried he would miss out on all of the things the majority of the world takes for granted. I worried, worried and worried some more. I didn't want him to be considered "the boy in the bubble" by his peers. That sounds dramatic, but I know you can relate. After a couple of days I began researching. Researching, researching and researching. DETERMINED to inform myself with all of the knowledge I could fit in my brain about food allergies. Information I would need to care for him, and information I would need to give him everything he needed to live a fruitful life.

Since, I have have many successes and failures in the kitchen as I began learning the ropes of substitutions. It was very intimidating, overwhelming and at times frustrating those first few months. But, just as you are doing now, I stuck to my guns! Now, I am comfortable enough in the kitchen to where I feel confident, and I want nothing more than to help others. Help others live an inclusive life. Help empower you to help your family live the fullest life possible. Help you ditch those, "boy in the bubble" fears. Help you show others without food allergies, that even though there aren't as many options on a restaurant menu... your family can still be included. You and your family don't have to miss out on birthday cake, and you can be included in most everything. Show you that you can still make family favorites, and still use grandmas recipe book! So I invite you to browse through my recipe index, and get inspired!